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I am a freelance professional guitarist based in Australia with many years of  experience.

I work with some of Australia's finest musicians performing, recording and touring.

I'm adept at lots of different styles of music ranging from jazz and blues to popular rock variations, gypsy swing, country and all forms of acoustic guitar.

I love to compose and record my own music. Links to this music and videos can be found in this site.

I always try to bring style and energy to every performance whether it be as part of a traditional jazz band,  a rock covers band, gypsy jazz swinging ensemble or just me with my guitar.

IIn the capacity of guitarist, bassist, producer, sound engineer. arranger, videographer and composer I have worked in countless recording sessions, live concerts, TV and radio appearances, hotels, clubs, weddings, corporate functions and festivals all over the world.

I am well known as a fun, capable accompanist to singers, violinists, horn players and other guitarists.

I can put together ensembles that suit small intimate occasions as a solo guitarist or duo to a large outdoor stage rock production electric band.

I can also be contacted to join your musical act for recording and performing.


Feel free to shoot me an email or call.

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